Members are the lifeblood of any organisation

About Membership

FLOSSUK has evolved and changed as the word around it has also progressed. We are deeply enriched by our Unix User Groups beginnings and understand that it is connections that matter. With this in mind we draw on our diverse membership to help us to support an open, inclusive and diverse environment.

FLOSSUK only exists from the generosity of its members and sponsors. Our goal is simple. Bring as many people together in the real world to share and exchange. We use our funds to run our own conferences and to help support other open events.

Joining as a member is simple. You use this online section to join, securely pay and renew your membership. You manage your data and you manage your membership. FLOSSUK is committed to a fair and ethical treatment of its members, we will only contact you with details relating to your membership and the FLOSSUK activities that you pay for and support. FLOSSUK does not share your details with anyone.

You can contact the Council at any time!

What does Membership mean?

A short understanding of what you bring
Members Matter

A FLOSSUK Membership is a commitment to providing connections. We use our funds to help bring people together to share, learn and grow from those real world meetings and to support other events that share in our open ethos.

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